To Our Church Family:

Just a quick note to thank everyone for thoughts, food and prayers. My surgery went well and now time is both my adversary and my ally. Sybil has prepared me a cozy little spot in the garage but promised I could come back inside when my demeanor improved. She has graciously consented to allow me time to post this message before I return to exile. By the way, I have named my haven of solitude “Patmos.” I don’t know why but I thought it had a nice ring to it! I am having to type this with one hand so I am using the biblical method of typing…”Seek and ye shall find.”

Some of you may be interested to know that “Townsend I” has been officially retired but “Townsend II” and I have become very close…literally. Keep smiling and stay close to God in your daily walk. Sybil and I love you all very much and we pray that we can be with you again very soon!

God Bless!

Delton & Sybil

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4 Responses to GREETINGS!

  1. Preacher – SO GLAD you made it through the surgery yesterday and are feeling well enough to type your post today (one-handed). Glad your sense of humor is still intact. We are praying for you and Sybil! GOD BLESS YOU! WE LOVE YOU!

  2. Laurel Singer says:

    Preacher, we’re so happy to hear everything went well and you’re doing okay. I’m happy to see you’re taking this time to go on vacation to your isle (of Patmos). I hope and pray you are both feeling better today and we are continuing to pray for you. Chuck asked if you have a wicker chair and a Palm tree. Keep your spirit up!

  3. Carolyn Metheny says:

    Behave, no outside trips and there may be a lemon pie in your future. Kim was very worried about you and much relieved you were home. We love you both and need you back in place as soon as possible.

  4. leslie molina says:

    Very Happy to hear your through your surgery,and still manage to make jokes, Sense of humor still in tact.. 🙂
    Praying for your Speedy Recovery, as quickly and painless as possible. Love u guys in Christ, leslie Molina

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