Greetings to All:
Let me begin by apologizing for not getting back to you more quickly than I did. The truth of the matter is I have been suffering from a severe case of food poisoning that has literally taken the wind out of my sails. My dear wife, who happens to pull double duty by serving as my guardian angel, has nursed me back to health.

When I last posted to information about this virus we had one fatality and three confirmed cases of CORONAVIRUS in Clay County. As of tonight, Sunday March 22, 2020, we have 6 confirmed cases of the virus. I stress confirmed because we really don’t know how many people may be infected and not know it. The point I would like to get across to all of our members and visitors alike who read these posts is this: I want you to continue to be as diligent with this disease as you would be if you were trying to put mascara on a rattlesnake. (Please don’t try that!). Practice sanitation guidelines, wash your hands often and keep a close eye on your health

We have seen this dreaded disease spread exponentially in our nation and in our state. I was musing this morning about where we could be if we all had taken the advice of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and implemented their plans more aggressively. Maybe we wouldn’t have the number of cases that we do.

I am asking all of you to pray for our healthcare professionals as they stage themselves as the first line of defense in prevention, treatment and education about this horrible disease that has invaded the sanctity of our cities and towns but more importantly…our homes. I thank God for everyone of these brave men and women who are willing to selflessly care for others and in many cases may be putting themselves in harm’s way.

Our church was eerily silent today. There was no notes from the piano reverberating off the wall, there was no laughter, there was no warm fellowship, no praise and no preaching. Please understand I am just as frustrated as many of you (and probably more so) but this trial shall pass. Remember what Charles Spurgeon said about trials: “God has one Son without sin, but he never had a son without trial.”

Keep praying. Keep thanking God that we live in a great country that has the best healthcare professionals in the world. I love you all and I pray for you everyday.

God Bless!

Bro. Delton

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  1. DOMINIE BUSH says:

    God bless you, Bro. Delton & Sybil and everyone at SMBC.

  2. Carol Strickland says:

    Prayers going up for you Bro Delton and your family, that He will keep you safe during this time of trial. We know that He makes no mistakes or error so we are holding to what He has in store for us and trust in His unchanging hands.
    Prayers for our church family that we will stay safe and we be wise and listen to Him. God bless as we walk through this time of not knowing but trust and hope in Him.

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