Coronavirus Church Activity Update

Greeting All:

I am writing to you all from the secure bunker I have affectionately named the “Corona Cave.” Sybil and I have “hunkered down” except for doctor appointments. Speaking of doctor appointments, I have not intended to be aloof or secretive but for the past week I have been on a health roller coaster. I know some have speculated that I might be infected with coronavirus. Let me assure you that is not the case for Sybil or I. It seems, according to my doctor, that my gall bladder has become unhappy with our living arrangement. I am going to see a specialist on Tuesday and prayerfully my gall bladder and I can reconcile our differences and if not arrange for a divorce!

Many thanks to Bro. Dick and Sister Carolyn Metheny for the food they delivered to us today. What a blessing these two are to our church and our family. Bro. Dick brought up a very good point…what are people to do with their tithes? Here is my temporary solution. On Friday night, March 27th, 2020, from 5 pm to 7 pm, Sybil and I will be at the church. The lobby doors will be unlocked and we will be sitting in the hallway. The offering plates will be just inside the door. At 7 pm Sis. Laurel will be there to secure the funds in the safe. If this arrangement does not work for you or the thought of going out makes you uncomfortable, please call me and I will arrange to have your tithes picked up (no human contact required!).

Now, the bad news. We now have thirteen cases of coronavirus in Clay County. Our County is in a state of emergency and Governor Ron De Santis has declared Florida a Federal Disaster State. If you have listened to the news you probably have become aware that New York City is the epicenter of the virus on the East Coast of the United States. Many of those folks are flocking to Florida and North Carolina to escape the rapid spread of this dreaded disease. However, many of these people are already infected and are adding to our number of infected cases. Let’s pray that this nightmare will soon be over.

I sure miss all of your smiling faces and our fellowship at church. As I look into the immediate future it is about as clear as muddy water. The one SURE thing I can tell you is that God is still on the throne and there is nothing that escapes His omniscience. Please stay in touch and believe me, as soon as I feel we can congregate together once again, we will resume services. In the meantime, stay the course, keep the faith and pray for each other and our nation daily. Sybil and I love you all!

Bro. Delton

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3 Responses to Coronavirus Church Activity Update

  1. Jean Kilts says:

    Great plan for Friday

  2. Bro Skeeter says:

    Prayers for all.

  3. Butch & Brenda Bennett says:

    Brenda and I are sending our prayers hoping church will be open soon God bless.

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