An Easter Prayer

Greetings to All:

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who tuned into this morning’s message on Facebook. I am humbled by the many nice remarks that were posted and the great response to the message. What I am going to tell you may make you doubt my sanity (as if you haven’t already!). I didn’t think that using a different medium to communicate with you would be fulfilling but I feel a sense of relief that I can speak with you, not face to face but for now it will have to serve as the next best thing. I look on the bright side of everything and the bright side of having my message transmitted remotely spares me from the constant harassment of Bro. George. I look forward to sharing a message with you every Sunday @ 11:00 a.m. and am looking to expand by bringing a mid-week (Wednesday) message as well. I will let you know in advance when that will begin.

It is my sincere prayer that we all take time today to reflect on the empty tomb and what it means to our faith. Remember to thank God for the unspeakable gift of our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He brought to us. Spend as much time as you can today with loved ones and cherish every moment that God has given. Please, take a few moments to pray for our country, our health care workers/first responders and our church.

I am going to encourage you again to stay safe, stay in touch with each other and pray. I trust and believe that God CAN and WILL bring us back into His house!

God bless you all and have a blessed Easter.

Bro. Delton

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3 Responses to An Easter Prayer

  1. Carolyn Metheny says:

    We had technical difficulties on this end so all we got was the ending prayer. We plan to go back and watch it from the beginning. Good closing prayer. (smiles). I did try to see your sleeves to see if they were buttoned.
    Will be satisfied with more preaching and teaching on Facebook until we can be together again. This is very hard for all of us huggy people and some flashy ones too.
    Thank God we can look forward to being together again here or there. Love ya Sybil.

  2. Jean Kilts says:

    Great message. Check out the data- as best as I understand it – reached means a person clicked on it, views means they watched all or part of it. Randy said it will continue to go up. Let me know if you will preach a message on Wednesday and I will crest an event

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